Kiefer en Barcelona

Dom., 20 de Febrero de 2022

(hora sin confirmar)

Laut. Barcelona.

 Venta de entradas

A soulful jazz keyboardist and producer, Kiefer Shackelford, aka Kiefer, has earned praise for his cross-genre, hip-hop-influenced aesthetic. Based in Los Angeles, he emerged in 2017 with his independent debut, Kickinit Alone. The album found him embracing a hip-hop and R&B vibe that eschewed samples in favor of nuanced jazz harmonies and improvisation. His sophomore effort, Happysad, appeared in 2018 and was followed by the seven-track Superbloom EP in 2019. Between Days arrived in 2021. Born in 1992 in San Diego, Kiefer started playing piano around age six, and was first introduced to jazz by his father. Growing up, he took classical and jazz lessons, and by his teens was an adept soloist. Also as a teenager, he began experimenting with producing his own computer-based hip-hop and electronic beats. After high school, he honed his jazz ... 


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